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Ripe strawberries...

500 off, all dutifully picked, washed and hulled ready for tomorrow's outreach event.  Yet another core competency to be added to the list when it is updated.  Except I can't quite comply yet - I don't know how much sugar one should add to them because I don't usually add any, unlike most folk around here.  I have to confess they do seem a bit tart so maybe the eight desert spoons full I added to 4.5kg of strawberries (less a few I set aside for diabetics) are needed?

Tomorrow my loyal team of bread spreaders arrive at 10 a.m. to make enough sandwiches for the 5,000 (well 50 anyway) and my fridge will be glad to disgorge the cheese, hardboiled eggs, ham, tinned tuna and tinned salmon that are needed.

It will be good to see the pleasure that this event brings to those who come along, even if I am really not even remotely looking forward to singing 'Stand up, Stand up for Jesus' - especially with a congregation many of whom couldn't even if they wanted to!

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