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Music for Reflection?

Here's one for the classical music buffs out there.  I am preparing a short act of worship built around images of Jacob's dream at Bethel and his encounter at Peniel.  I am trying to find some suitable music, preferably instrumental and preferably not a hymn tune or overworked item, to use as 'background' for this.  I have some miscellaneous reflection music (of the one hour of piano music that never quite goes anywhere variety) but I'm a bit tired of it, and a reasonable selection of 'sacred' and 'secular' stuff but nothing that quite seems to do the biz.  Any (sensible!) suggestions?


  • Stairway to Heaven ???

  • Thanks Glen (which part of 'sensible' did you not understand?! And don't say 'all of them';-) ).

    I guess I have to grateful you didn't suggest something like 'The Eye of the Tiger' or 'We Will Rock You'

  • Or you might consider

    The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

    Or to make life easier still just go for anything remotely Hip Hop (geddit?)

  • Glen, don't you have any marking to do...? Or is this what marking does to you?

    PS I thought hip hop was what the older women of the congregation were on long waiting lists for.

  • looks like there was some fairly late night posting going on there.

    anyway, nobody waits that long for operations in the New shiny NHS. if you don't get treated in 18 weeks, somewhere a manager gets shot

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