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Online Resources

Many thanks to Geoff Colmer who emailed some wonderful instrumental music to me for use as background for worship.  I have since discovered that typing 'free mp3 worship' or 'free mp3 meditation' into Google (or other search engines no doubt) brings up some useful stuff, though depending on your theological standpoint you might think some of it is tad dodgy (especially if you put the word 'christian' into your serach!).  Also some useful stuff out there if you are sans-musicians and want hymn/song backing.  If you are willing to pay, well there's LOADS of stuff.

Thanks also to Andy Jones who sent me a link to the Reaching the Unchurched Newtwork (RUN) website from which I downloaded a video file for Paul Field's 'God of the Moon and Stars' (don't even try it if you are on dialup, it's quite big and slow even with broadband) which part of this Sunday's service.


  • Reaching the Unchurched Newtwork?

    Sounds like some sort of eco church opposed to greenfield development and with a mission to agnostic amphibians.

  • Andy, did you never stop to wonder who produces those wristbands that say FROG and who might choose to wear them?!

  • I thought it might stand for 'Fairly-traded Ropestuff Outsells Gucci', but I realise that's unlikely on all sorts of levels.

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