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Sending to Coventry

Today my wrinklies are off to Coventry - one of my favourite places in the whole world, not that I've seen much of the whole world you understand, but I love spending time in the two cathedrals.  My dad always claimed that Bishop Gorton of Coventry was a relative of ours; I'm not so sure, but he (the bishop, not my dad) was there around the time of destruction and resurrection, so it's a good claim to stake!

There is an eerie beauty about the bombed out cathedral that refused to die, something powerful about the way that it has been preserved not in aspic but as a living place of quiet, hope and possibility.  There is in the new building a sense of continuity and calm - it doesn't pretend to be an ancient building, is unashamedly of its time and yet has that same cathedral ambience of air heavy with a thousand prayer.  Together with Paddy's Wigwam/Birthday Cake it is a fine example of twentieth century cathedral architecture, and I have been privileged to worship in both.

It is likely that many of the wrinklies will head for the shopping centres to snap up bargains.  It is likely I'll end up with a little group of unwanted odd-bods to chaperone.  But above all, we'll have a great time of laughter and love, and somewhere, when we're not quite looking, I reckon Jesus may just tag onto our group - I hope so anyway!


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