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Lectionary Loopiness

Lectionaries and Syllabi (as SU seem to prefer to call their schemes) can be really useful... or not.  Sometimes when I look at the lectionary readings I conclude that either (a) I'm missing something (b) the Holy Spirit has a very weird sense of humour or (c) the pepoe who collate the reading take a very old Bible, pull out the pages, discard a fair few, then toss the rest in the air and see how they land.

As I've looked at readings for the next few weeks I am drawn to the last of these options!  Can anyone please tell me the connection between either Joseph being sold in to slavery (track 1) or Elijah on Mount Horeb (track 2) and Romans 10:5-15 (including the missionary's favourite 'how shall they call...') and Jesus walking on water?  The rest of August doesn't get a whole lot easier.  One begins to appreciate why so many Baptist churches cop out and preach on half a verse from a very narrow repertoire of scriptures. Anyone got any bright ideas - not for alternative schemes I can do that easily, but for using at least two of these lectionary passages at a time?


  • I've been pondering using the lectionary from the New Year to escape the treadmill of having to be original each term - but I have to say my fear of using it is exactly what you have been posting about: how to make connections between apparently dissparate readings.

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