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Song Words - Alternatives?

That lovely task, choosing songs and hymns for worship for the Sunday after next - this is how it works in Dibley!

One of the songs I want to use comes from Junior Praise and is (ok not everso profound but we're having it)

Praise Him, Praise Him

Praise Him in the morning,

Praise Him in the evening,

Praise Him, Praise Him,

Praise Him as the sun goes down.


I've chosen it because I recall it having a verse that says


Praise Him, Praise Him

Praise Him when I'm laughing

Praise Him when I'm crying

Praise Him, Praise,

Praise Him the whole of life


(Or words to that general effect, not sure of the last line)


But Junior Praise does not have this verse, or anything like it, so did I dream it?  is it in some other book I haven't yet checked or don't have?  or did it just arrive in my mind by direct from God?!

If anyone can help me out I'd be grateful.  If I happen to have invented it and you like it, well feel free to use it!


  • Must be mass madness as I remember that verse too!

  • Either that or we find 68 more people who 'recall' it and claim it's the LXX version...

  • or are am I mixing it upo with Matt Redman's 'Let everything that has breath' which has:

    Praise You in the morning,
    Praise You in the evening,
    Praise You when I’m young
    And when I’m old.
    Praise You when I’m laughing,
    Praise You when I’m grieving,
    Praise You every season of the soul

  • Hi Julie,
    yes I found myself wondering that too. So did Mr Redman plagiarise the older song and then extend it? I think I prefer my septuagint hypothesis!!

  • Hymnquest just has these four verses:

    1 Praise him, praise him,
    Praise him in the morning,
    Praise him in the noon-time,
    Praise him, praise him,
    Praise him as the sun goes down.

    2 Trust him, trust him,
    Trust him in the morning,
    Trust him in the noon-time,
    Trust him, trust him,
    Trust him as the sun goes down.

    3 Serve him, serve him,
    Serve him in the morning,
    Serve him in the noon-time,
    Serve him, serve him,
    Serve him when the sun goes down.

    4 Repeat v1

    but does indicate that it is in at least 26 books, so it may well be that there is an alternative version. The 1971 'Sing to God' book is the oldest version Hymnquest mentions, but my copy of that is at the church.

  • Hi Bob, yes, I have this version in various books including 'Sing to God.' I think I'm forced to concede defective recollection - either that or in the days before Mr Redman came along someone else wrote the verse I recall for some special event.

    Anyway, on the grounds my peeps don't know Mr Redman's song (though I do) and have at least one new song already that week, I'll go with my version of one they do know!!

  • Sounds of living waters has these verses

    Praise Him Praise Him
    Praise Him in the morning
    Praise Him in the noontime
    Praise Him Praise Him
    Praise Him when the sun goes down

    2. Jesus
    3. Love Him
    4, Trust Him
    5. Serve Him

    On the point of Matt Redman extending it - probably is the answer. Tim Hughes has a whole album where he take lines from other hymns/songs and rewrites them, it is great to play spot the hymn when listening.

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