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It makes you wonder...

This morning's post brought me a replacement ink reservoir for one of my fountain pens - seemingly Parker vector use a non-standard size so you have to buy their own product.  Not very exciting - except I bought it on Ebay from Australia which, including air mail postage, was cheaper then driving to Leicester to buy one.  Probably not very green, although the plane would have flown with or without my item, but less cost, less time and less hassle: how daft is that?

Anyway, my pen is now fully functional again (and as I bought of said items I have a spare in case of need) so I'm happy.


  • It is one of my more loveable luddite tendencies that when I want to write something important, or to someone important, or just want to enjoy handwriting, I use my Waterman Fountain Pen. A gift from my previous church, I use it as a way of making the act of writing more significant than tapping this blessed keyboard! I was recently given a beautifully bound blank notebook into which I now carefully write, transcribe and preserve those thoughts that need more thinking Is there a gap we could fill by establishing a Baptist Fountain Pen Fellowship, open to all genuine fountain pen users, at meetings of which papers must be presented in legibly construed real ink!?

  • Sounds a great idea (and would justify all those missed playtimes I had at primary school when as a left-hander with a dippy pen I had to stay in and re-do my handwriting exercises!). I have the Parker for everyday use and a Waterman my mum bought me as an ordination present which is lovely but a bit chunky for frequent use.

    Should we allow Associate Membership to those who use cartridge pens as a means of encouraging them to progress to the real thing?

  • Alas, I used a fountain pen and then a cartridge pen at secondary school for three years and every afternoon went home with ink-covered hands because I held the pen too far down. In the end they took pity on me and demoted the whole year group to bics and biros.

    Would you allow an affiliated body of papermate users, or is that simply lowering standards too far?

  • And what, pray, is wrong with ink covered hands? This was ever the fate of left-handed children in this strange writing left-to-right culture we have!

    Papermates, bics and biros - hmmm, what should one say to the weaker sisteren and brethren? Is there an issue of inclusion or justice here? WWJS?

    "Come to me all you who are weak and biro-laden and I will give you rest. Take my fountain pen and learn from me for I will neither keep you in at play time nor demote you for inky fingers. For my pen writes elegantly and my ink does not leak."

    (well no lightening bolt descended from heaven as I typed it!)

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