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The Law of Murphy...

Why is it, when I'd proof read the leaflet twice before commencing the 250 copy print run, I only spotted the one typographical error after I'd collated and folded all 250 copies?

For anyone who wonders, the difference between the Law of Sod and the Law of Murphy, is that the former says 'toast always lands butterside down' (i.e. if it can go wrong, it will) the latter says 'toast always lands butter side down, unless you're trying to demonstrate this fact.'  Next time I'll assume there'll be an unspotted error and see what transpires...  In the meantime, given the import of the leaflet, I am re-printing 250 middle sections and filling my recycling bin with the error-marred (double sided) copy.


  • Hey Catriona. The inordinately early time on this post suggests the Evangelical discipline of early rising! Have a nap this afternoon. It's been a busy week - and yes, typos is olways difikult too eraze, and there'z olways sum eegle ide kritik redy to corect our grammer, sintax and speling.

  • "Thnaks" Jim - "teh onyl prolbem" (etc) is that I'm preaching this afternoon and would have to take a nap in my own sermon...

    PS don't tell the chancellor about sin-tax, might give him ideas on how to resolve the credit crunch.

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