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  • Quieter Spaces for Advent

    Before I vanish again - way too much happening around here, so much that I've lost my booked-and-paid-for Advent Quiet Day tomorrow (2 funerals) - here are a couple of online spaces for a short Advent reflection each day:

    Hopeful Imagination - a group blog (may miss the odd day)

    Northern Baptist College - 10-15 min liturgy.

    Experience.  Enjoy.

    And as I'll be there too - share!


    Updated: if you want to travel through Advent with a URC minister, Craig has some reflections and links worth a look here

  • Sounds Painful...

    In a little over a week's time I have been invited to attend a service where my new Anglican colleague will be 'collated and installed.'  Does that amount to 'sorting her out' then 'plugging her in'?  Glad we just get inducted!

  • Hmmm.

    Last night I was bemoaning the number of requests I've been getting to conduct funerals - I *could* have been (am not) doing four this week.  I said to the person, 'I wish all these people would stop dying.'

    Her reply? 'Well, have a word with your boss then!'