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Any Ideas?

I have a 90-something almost blind, partially deaf Gideon who is in hospital.  Tonight I failed to take a Bible with me, there wasn't one in the locker and his request that I recite a chunk of scripture managed to rob me of the few passages I can just about recite!  In the end we had Psalm 23 in the KY-NRS-NI-GN-almost-version; of course walking down six flights of stairs afterwards I could recite it perfectly in the KJV I learned as a child but hey.  He said what he'd like is cassette tapes with short , light inspirational stuff on - we have loaded him up with tapes of male voice choirs, hymns and the like, but he now wants words.  I have a few 'teaching' tapes and there are oodles of Bible on tape things around but I think he's more after 'thought for the day type things.  Anyone know of anything or got anything I could beg, borrow or buy from you?


  • There's a pod cast of radio four's thought for the day available on itunes. some other stuff of that ilk too. May have to do some jiggery pokery to get them onto tape. On the other hand a 90 something with an ipod is an image to conjour with.

  • You're in Leicestershire- get on to the Torch Trust http://www.torchtrust.org/
    They are brilliantly helpful
    We record all our services at KMFC onto CD if that's any help, and I think we have some cassettes stashed away somewhere too.

  • You can record mp3 to tape with the correct software and leads etc. or find someone with spare mp3 player and then two that i have used well are Scriptrue union daily podcast
    or Pray as you Go which you can download a week at a time 10 minute long, scripture, thought for the day, music

    You can always burn them onto CD as audio files easily but then he would need a CD player which may be easier to borrow from someone.

    Have fun

  • how aboutnthe pod bible


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