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Baptist Assembly 2 - More Silly

It is good to record sensible thoughts about Assembly.  It is fun to record some that are a smidgeon more silly.

Some songs have silly words - or at least I think the words of some songs are silly.  I like to think that I don't have a mind that spots innuendoes at every opportunity but couldn't help it when a song sung in the main session asked God to 'have your way with us' (not to be confused with the song that says 'have your way in me').  Mea culpa and fifty hail Mary's or some such.  The other one that I struggled with and really can't get my head around was a song that referred to Christ as 'heaven's darling.'  Nope, sorry, don't get it.

Assembly Bingo cards were prepared (metaphorically anyway) and by half an hour into the first session I had ticked off the first box... 'these are the days of ....' aaaaaaargh!  Soon came 'Baptist family' and 'Crossing places' and I was on my way to a line...

Simon and the Prism crew all wore their uniform flipflops - or in a few cases bare feet.  They did a good job in a far from ideal space.  Didn't know many of the the songs but  but have still o kwa la ma kwe (or some such) going round my head.  Good to learn a different African song from those that Northern taught me a decade back and Assembly has yet to discover!   Another funny bit in Prism was when a song was used the American spelling 'savior' in the chorus.  While we sang a verse someone editted it to 'saviuor' which caused much giggling before it became 'saviour' the third time through.  One of the blessings of Prism is that it is safe to make mistooks in there...

As I look back no doubt more funny moments will come to me.  It is good to laugh and it is good to be serious and we did both at Assembly.



  • Completely with you regards Jesus as 'heaven's darling' - can you get a more naff lyric. don't answer that, because i'm sure you can. Too many hillsongs songs for my liking.

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