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In every ending a new beginning?

Last night was the last GB meeting of the year, and for the company I've worked with the last meeting as despite the fact that there are three other leaders, none of them felt able to take on overall responsibility for running the group.  We will close formally with a party and thanksgiving service in September, just before I move north.

Should I be sad?  Well, I am a bit, but not exactly surprised.  For whatever reason there few people able or willing to commit to the rigorous training that uniformed organisations demand of their leaders and some churches confuse 'uniformed' with military/old -fashioned and 'structured' with restrictive.  In an age when we speak of 'holism' it is sad that the GB 'four square' programme of spiritual, physical, educational and service is judged staid, boring or restrictive in some circles.  I need to be clear, this aren't the reasons given in Juxta Dibley, but I suspect they're lurking in the background.

But in closing the company lots of potential is released.  The other leaders will undoubtedly continue to be involved at some level in church-based children's work and the equipment we have amassed over half a century can be usefully distributed to other GB companies and/or used by the church.

Over the last five or so years I guess I've come into contact with the better part of fifty to sixty girls and young women through GB and it is a privilege and a joy to have contributed in some small way to their lives.

There is a time for everything, and now is the time for this GB company to close.  We can be glad for what has been achieved and alert for the 'new thing already springing up.'  I am glad we're going out with bang not a wimper and trust that the church will continue to work with children and young people in new ways for many years to come.

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