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The Possibilities are Endless (Allegedly)

If you live in the UK you've seen the advert for recycling that has this strapline, and are familiar with the 'reduce, re-use, recycle' mantra.  So, good Baptist minister person that I am, I am carefully sorting through the accumulated clutter of, hmm, well more years than I like to admit, from GB camps, holiday clubs and other weird and wonderful miscellaneous outreachy type things and compiling a list of stuff to give away or sell on to clutter up other people's homes or church storage cupboards.

So far the 'treasures' (?) in the heap include inflatable palm trees, police helmets, several brand new badminton sets, an assortment of floor cushions and some sparkly hoola hoops.  The vast majority of this stuff I paid for, though the odd thing was passed on to me by others 'because I'm sure you'll find a use for it' and I was too polite to say 'no.'

Friends and colleagues in the Leicestershire area are likely to be emailed with the list of stuff in case they can put it to good use (and not merely add it to their own clutter heap) and the balance will find its way to Ebay or Freecycle.  Hopefully I will then move north with less stuff to clutter my nice new home.  Giant inflatable crocodile anyone...?

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