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First class - I don't think so!

Today I spent my day off sorting out my paper for submission to the university.  It is not the greatest essay I've ever written, but then its learning outcomes and title were not the most inspiring either.  Trying to correlate two very different sets of comments on the draft meant it took most of this week to sort it out - even if it doesn't look that different for 20 hours input, apart from being nicely comb-bound.

Anyway, the bank holiday meant that it had to be posted today to be sure it would arrive by the deadline which is Tuesday, so slave away I duly did and got to the post office at 4:10 p.m. - fifty minutes before the post goes, phew.  I asked for first class recorded (what the univeristy insist on) only to be told that they could not guarantee it would arrive on Tuesday unless I paid for speical delivery.  Hurumph.

Once upon a time first class meant same day delivery, so I'm told, and even as a child it was next day.  Then it was next day as a target and two days.  Now - oh well, when we feel like delivering it we will.

I'm not blaming the post office or even the employees of Royal Mail but there's nothing very first class about 'probably in two days, three over a bank holiday'.  Mutter, mutter, mutter.

My only consolation is it is cheaper than driving up to Manchester on Tuesday - although that would have given mer three more days to get it right.  Still, the electronic submission today means I really beat the dealine by three days anyway not that I'm paranoid about being late or anything... much!


  • Sorry the comments were a bit disparate! But well done in getting it in and away....

  • Hi Ruth. It's just the interesting combination of one person saying 'yup, that's logical and clear and seems to do what is needed' and the other saying 'I don't understand what you are saying' Ah well. Biggest challenge was getting the word count down whilst amplifying the bits that caused confusion... Never mind, it's done now.

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