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Yesterday one of my tasks was to work on the liturgy for my final Dibley service - during which we will declare our belief that our time together is complete and release each other from the covenant we made nearly six years ago.  It took a while to find the right word to describe what it is we are declaring, but in the end 'complete' seemed the best, and today as I was mulling it over the Greek 'tetalestai' floated into my conscious.  Fulfilled, completed, accomplished, done, finished...

In my experience we aren't so good at endings, at least liturgically: we make a right song and dance over inductions (which is good, I like it and am looking forward eagerly to my next one!) but leaving tends to avoid any acknowledgement of the commitments that are now being un-done.  Once it happens, I will post my words and you can see what you think.  Thanks to Jim's comment on my previous post, I think I now have the last line sorted.

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