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Sean the Sheep: Leader of the Flock?

This is total nonsense, but is prompted by seeing trailers on BBC1 for the new series of Sean the Sheep...

I was totally bemused on seeing images of happy, smiley, plasticene sheep riding White Helmets style on motorbikes whilst a version of the song 'leader of the pack' was sung.  Do the makers not know what the song is about?  Is Sean the Sheep due to come to a sticky end (I mean, technically as a male sheep he almost certainly would but this is cartoon land)?  And do they know anything about sheep?  My understanding is that the 'leader of the flock' is normally an older ewe (which is an interesting one for churches who consider themselves as flocks is it not?!) so is there something Sean should be admitting?  OK I'm reading this far to literally/seriously but it made me stop for a few moments to work out why it niggled.


  • Now you 've got me thinking about all the possible 'motorbike' songs you could have mentioned!

    Beach Boys 'Lil Honda ' - "faster, faster, it's alright" for a slow moving traditional congregation?

    Mike Sarne 'Just for Kicks' - "Just for kicks, I ride all through the night "- late night sermon preparation?

    At least they didn't choose Twinkle [c. 1965] singing "please wait at the gate of Heaven for me, Terry"

    Am avoiding all puns about too many Revs.

    You obviously to the same thing as I do - hear a tune and go through ALL the words in your head- and then realise maybe it wasn't quite the best choice in a particular situation!

    But how do you then stop the tune buzzing round in your head ALL day???!!!!


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