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Belated New Year Greetings

Happy New Year!  Having had a lovely week of visiting family and friends at all points south of home, I am now back to work - with cold fingers and toes despite having both heaters on full blast!  There are a few mm of snow on the roads, less on the roofs/rooves, but generally life is plodding along as 'folk dressed up like eskimoes' face the return to work.  Quite how the man in the coffee shop can cope with wearing a tee-shirt is beyond me, must be very warm in there - I'll check later when my toes are really, really cold.

Anyway, New Year, and that lovely sense of freshness as the diary pages are still crisp and white and the possibilities seem endless.  Even while the problems of last year rumble on unabated, it is good to dare to dream of the year ahead.  As I settle into my 'new' place it is exciting to begin to anticipate how the story will unfold, the new things God will show us and draw us to share in, as well as the continuation of good things already established.  Lots of challenges ahead no doubt but lots to enjoy too.

Happy and Hope-filled 2010 everyone.

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