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Life in River City

BBC Scotland has its very own soap opera.  I know it isn't aired in England because whenever I mention it to my friends down south they say 'what?'  I'm not a soap fan, but every now and then I watch the odd episode of something to remind myself what I am not missing.

River City is set in a 'close knit community in Glasgow' and after watching about four episodes, Shieldinch seems as dysfunctional as Walford, Weatherfield or any other soapy place.  But it's fun spotting the accents which reveal the odd interloper from 'Riversaid' where coal is delivered in secks, a few for whom subtitles are almost needed and even the odd stray Sassenach!  Some actors are household names, others are not.  There is a self-deprecating humour that only cities can manage, and although it tackles some issues, it doens't take itself too seriously.

It is good that Scotland has its own soap opera - just a shame no-one south of Carlisle is likely to see it.

Of course here, just off Sheepfold Street in the Summit area of River City, life is nothing like soap-land, but is every bit as diverse and far more fun.

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