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Men and Church

Quite a well worn topic, but picked up here by Ruth Gledhill, and maybe worth a look

My biggest gripe with 'men don't like singing love songs to Jesus' is that the songs to which they object are invariably written by men...

Oh, and if you read to the end of the article you will spot this:

Instead of having to queue for coffee, why not ask some of the women to go round with trays of coffee and biscuits or chocky bars? Coupled with a charming smile, many men would find that very attractive! (Of course, the men may like to take turns and serve coffee in return.)

This is one girl/woman who is not about to spend her time serving mugs of coffee and chunky chocolate bars to males, so don't anyone start getting ideas.  I am very happy to serve refreshments to anyone of either gender - but not to 'fish for men' in the process; I am sure flirting with the parishioners must be bordering on conduct unbecoming...

See what you make of it!

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