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Presbyterians, Porridge and Prayers

A good, three-point alliterative post title.  Someone, somewhere would be pleased.

Posting 'late' today because I have been busy doing stuff, notably eating porridge and praying with our local Presbyterians.

The C of S church with whom we share our evening services has just started a once a month prayer breakfast and I was invited to go along.  For £1 you could have a big bowl of porridge (made by someone from Florida!!!) or a bacon buttie and as much tea or coffee as you wanted.  Then at 8:30 we shared in a simple act of guided prayer.  After that was the C of S "fraternal" (spit!) to which I am invited, and am beginning to discover more of the weird and wonderful nature of this tradition.  Oh, I am so glad I'm a Baptist!!!!!

Eleven of us shared breakfast and prayers.  And we were a motley crew.  Mostly retired people or ministers, we included someone off to Berkshire to protest outside somewhere I have worked and with whom, despite her initial defensiveness, I had an interesting conversation.

I was reminded of various things - such as the porridge/cornflakes graces:

Lord, make us not like porridge:
Sticky and hard to stir.
Make us like cornflakes:
Easy to stir and ready to serve.


Lord, make us to be, not like cornflakes:

Noisy, superficial, and cold;

But like porridge:

Sturdy, warm, and comforting.

Well, in my own fence sitting fashion, "both/and" actually

A good start to the day,and something I will look forward to again next 'First Tuesday' and will be encouraging others to consider attending.  But now I really must do what I'm paid for...



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