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Moving, Learning, Changing

A busy few weeks coming up one way an another...

On Monday I begin a module on mentoring with Scottish Baptist College.  This is a pilot of a new undergraduate course and I am interested to see how it works.  A great opportunity to meet people and build a few relationships.  And by the end of the course presumably I will be qualified as a mentor for the third time in my life.  I'm looking forward to it (even if it does mean yet another round of compulsory journal writing).

At the end of this month, last minute hold ups notwithstanding, I will move to my lovely new manse, joining the ranks of city ministers who live in flats rather than houses, having no massive lawn to mow (bliss!) and the pleasure of being above the street lights so I can see the stars.

I am also about to switch my 'day off' from Monday to Friday for the duration of Lent.  This is partly because the college course is on Mondays and partly because the least-bad day for the Lent group I'm running was Monday.  I have found it disorientating taking Mondays off after eight years of Fridays, so it will be interesting to see how the old pattern feels now.

I am looking forward to beginning my 'stewardship' series on Sunday, complete with some multi-media stuff, and even to my first church meeting since moving north.

Otherwise things poddle along as usual and I will continue to post my ramblings, reflections and rubbish for your delectation and delight.

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