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Fair Exchange?

One of the many joys of worship at the Gathering Place is the quality of the music.  We are blessed with a gifted choir ably led by an excellent pianist and musical arranger.  Occasionally we have an ensemble of other instrumentalists who bring an extra dimension to the music.

As we move into Lent the choir-leader mentioned the tradition, in his words, of 'Miserable Lent Anthems' and how we might accommodate these in the proposed preaching schedule which isn't especially Lent-like (stewardship, Fairtrade and the nurture of children in the church).  In a flippant email exchange, he observed that one miserable Lent anthem entitled me to three Graham Kendrick songs.  All of which made me wonder what an appropriate exchange rate for hymns/songs/anthems/psalms might be?

Just in case anyone wonders, "that song" requires all of the following first....

20 Lenten anthems, the more miserable the better

10 Benjamin Keach doggerel

Dibley's very own "Earthly Praises"

All of which *should* ensure I never have to sing it! ;-)


  • At least not till May bank holiday weekend!

  • Indeed, sigh!

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