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Something Beginning with 'B'

Yesterday's Bible notes began a short series on the beginning of Genesis written by a Rabbi.  This almost inevitably ensures a less familiar exploration of the text, which cannot be a bad thing.

She began by observing that in the Bible (Hebrew Scriptures) the book of Beginnings (Genesis) begins in Hebrew with the letter B (or Bet(h)), the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  This, she asserts, serves as a reminder that the Beginning of Creation was not the first thing, a reminder that before any thing (anything) God is and God does.  Creation as we know it is only ever secondary to God's creativity.

This made me think of the Alpha and Omega (this blog editor doesn't support Greek characters, sorry) attribution to Christ in, for example, Revelation.  The idea that God in some sense brackets or contains everything else.

It also got me playing around with words beginning with 'B' in English that might be reflected upon in this way...

B for Beginning

B for Bible

B for Big Bang

All of these are secondary to God, to God's Word, to God's Breath/Spirit - which seems to put creationists and evolutionists alike firmly where they belong, as secondary to God, the source of all that is.

It also made me think about my title 'something beginning with 'B'' which can be a really bad pun...

Some thing (creation) starts with 'B' for beginning.  Maybe there is the potential for a link to the prologue to the fourth Gospel... through Him all things were made that were made, without Him no thing was made....

Not sure this makes a whole deal of sense, but it gave me something to mull over last night.  I glimpse, with my limited perception, that some thing starts with 'B'...

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