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Going up in the World

Next week I move to my gorgeous new manse - and go up in the world to the third floor where, from my kitchen window, I will be able to see for miles south-ish over the Clyde.  As my Dad used to say, on a clear day you can see Big Ben... if you have a photograph in your hand.  And for those who think that's the closest to heaven I'll get... bless you!

Once more I've been sorting, packing (how did I gain so much more stuff in 5 months?!) and labelling boxes.  This afternoon the colour coding will get done in the hope the removers can get the right box to the right room...  Time will tell.

Between being at college on Monday and moving over Tuesday and Wednesday I won't be around much next week (and have already written my sermon for the following Sunday!) and this bit of blogland will be quieter.

So, if you want a few little gems to read over the next week then how about this from the Beaker Folk?  In amongst all the clever satirical posts, here is one that is pure theology at its best.  It certainly made me pause as I gleefully anticipate my new home, lending an appropriate perspective to it all.

Or, if you want to see a new take on an old idea (I heard something similar more than 20 years ago...) this from ASBO Jesus reminds us that the majority of "youf of today" are as decent as they were when we were the subject of similar comments back in the 1970s/1980s (or whenever it was for you!).

And for anyone who likes random bits of proof of how small the world is... some of my folk know 'Scottish Rhiannon' alluded to in my previous post here and the sister of one of my C of S colleagues played the part of the registrar who married Bradley and Stacey in this week's East Enders... whether she has to make a return visit to record Bradley's death who knows?!  This was the first time in more than a decade I deliberately watched episode of East Enders - and saw two episodes in one week.  That should do me for another decade I think!

Back soon, but really must go and sort out 5 month's worth of cardboard to take to the recycling centre.

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