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  • Poetic Justice... or somesuch

    The nice BBC weather forecaster this morning announced that the weather was overcast and threatening rain... except in Scotland and the East of England where it is gloriously sunny.  This is poetic because one could be forgiven that weather only happens in London.

    Of course the fact that I've turned my week upside down and having my personal bank holiday and day off Thursday and Friday may have fooled the weather gods... (my Mum claims that for the last 20 years my Dad has held the role of "clerk of the weather" so you could always blame him if your weather doesn't suit...)

  • Shameless Self-Indulgence... Superb Singing

    It's not very often that I allow myself to pick hymns and songs on the basis simply that I like singing them (so long as they fit reasonably with the service theme of course) but yesterday I did.  So, we started with 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God almighty' moved via 'Lord of the Dance' to 'Teach me to dance' and ended with 'St Patrick's Breastplate.'

    People sang them brilliantly - and the choir pieces were superb too - all of which added to the experience of worship.

    There aren't many trinity hymns and songs - a few 'rounds' such "Father/Jesus/Spirit we love/adore you" - so it was good to sing the two we did; the 'dance' ones connected with the trinitarian metaphor I was using.

    St Patrick's breastplate is not the easiest to sing, though two Baptist churches with a certain set of initials, smaller and larger, do it brilliantly.  Sometimes it is good for us to sing ancient words, words which have been sung in chapels and cathedrals, monasteries and marquees, by countless people through many centuries, marvelling in the wonder of a triune God who surrounds, upholds and indwells their very being.

    So, suitably indulged, I'll revert to my more usual practice of 'does it fit', 'do people know at least some of them' and 'is there suitable variety in pace and mood'?

    Next week we are thinking about BMS, welcoming a new member and sharing communion... looking forward to it already.

  • Trinity Sunday


    Whilst trawling the www for images, I happened on this painting entitled Trinity Sunday by a Russian named Valery Badakva.