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  • Pride of Northampton

    This week I've spent three days in and around Northampton and Oxford.  Nipping into Northampton's Grosvenor shopping centre, I spotted an unusual sight - a pride of multi-coloured lion cubs decorated by children from local primary schools as well as some full sized lions sponsoered by businesses and/or decorated by community groups or professional artists.  They were/are wonderful and some great humour.  There was an Elvis lion - 'Are You Lionsome Tonight?' - there were 'Three Lions' with team England football tops... oh well, never mind, I'm sure the sponsor is pleased with this team who really are winners.  I loved the 'people's lion' covered in a patchwork of knitted and crocheted shapes by a community craft group.  The school's lions had diverse names - there were Roary and Rory and Lionel and then Llewys, not a Welsh lion but a local village name (Sywell) reversed and one apparently named after a Hebrew lion goddess (I didn't know there was one but hey...).  From montages of local photos to handprints to school mottos to the names of children the variety was lovely.

    Made me proud of the old place!  And hopefully will be a source of pleasure for the 200k or so people who live there.  More info here if you are interested (for photos follow the 'media' signpost)



  • Good Day in Prospect

    Today is the final day of the Glasgow West End festival, and this afternoon we are offering one of the final events, a chance to hear and interact with the BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor.

    Before that of course is the morning service - which may be a bit thin on the ground as Scottish schools are now on holiday until mid-August.  This may explain why the weather here is grey and overcast with a forecast of rain: hottest day of the the year, probably not so here.  Our theme will be 'life in all its fullness' and, as I never did get anywhere trying to track down anything on Johannine dualism in this respect, it will be more of a 'via negativa' approach - what it is not - and will use some poetry, prose and prayers from places where the questions are asked (disability, hospices, bereavement).  Hopefully it'll work... I may post some of the resources later.

    Then in the evening the second of a pair of services on themes in Matthew's gospel led by some of our C of S friends.

    All in all, then, a good day in prospect... and a completely football free zone, hurray!

  • A Bit of Fun: Today's Discovery

    Scots Wikipaedia (can't do an ae dipthong thingy in this editor, sorry) has existed for about five years is well worth a quick look see, whether or not you understand it.  I found it by googling the origin of 'watter' a word used widely in northern England as well as Scotland, though the latter claim it as their word.  It is quite a fun site, not taking itself overly seriously and I suspect making up a few words as it goes along to confound the sassenachs (and why not?).

    Check out the Scots entry on Baptists here and compare with the English one here.  Do have a play on the Scots' site, it's fun.