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A Bit of Fun: Today's Discovery

Scots Wikipaedia (can't do an ae dipthong thingy in this editor, sorry) has existed for about five years is well worth a quick look see, whether or not you understand it.  I found it by googling the origin of 'watter' a word used widely in northern England as well as Scotland, though the latter claim it as their word.  It is quite a fun site, not taking itself overly seriously and I suspect making up a few words as it goes along to confound the sassenachs (and why not?).

Check out the Scots entry on Baptists here and compare with the English one here.  Do have a play on the Scots' site, it's fun.



  • Jings crivens, help ma Boab - no piskies?

  • Talking of definitions of Baptists, we got some forms to fill out and return to the kids new high shool the other day. After ethnicity (white other, since they are of mixed blood....) we had to choose religion. I was bemused to note that Baptists, Methodists, Roman Catholics and Anglicans were all listed separately to Christians! We ticked two boxes just to confuse them, but I'm not telling you which two!

  • hmmmm.... (1) Jedi (2) Other please specify perhaps? ;-)

  • I like to tick other but then not specify......

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