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Despite the injunction in this morning's sermon to think no more highly (or lowly) of ourselves than we should, I did half like spotting two photos with me in them in the "Baptist Assembly in Scotland" website.  In one I, as ever, demonstrate my inability to know what to do with my arms when standing on a stage, in the other I have weird smirk on my face.  So, if you can be bothered to wait for them to appear you can have a laugh - and spot two other Gatherers standing in front of me in one of the photos.

Two other games you can play...

  • Spot people you know in the photos (like SBC Principals and BWA presidents for starters)
  • Count the number of non-singing-group women with microphones... (I guess the BUGB-style balancing act is a long way off yet!)

Some excellent speakers planned for this year... Ian Randall, Parush Paraushev, Stuart Blythe to name three who will be well known in England plus Alan Donaldson (BUS General Director) and Marc Owen (BUW); so if nowt else some of my southern friends will drool with envy!


  • At the risk of being pedantic, can we spot College PRINCIPLES - which might be worth noting - or College Principals which might not?!


  • OK Ken, I've altered it now. :-)

    I think the principle/principal (with or wihout upper/lower case) confusion is endemic these days... even when looking at college/College websites (not SBCs it must be noted)

  • Hi Ken, OK, I've fixed it now... at least I think I have...! ;-)

  • I counted one non-singing female with a microphone. That sounds about right.

  • Hi Ronnie - you found it then! Did you spot yourself among the photos?!

  • Oh my goodness - that is an awful picture. What was Graeme Clark thinking? Vanity indeed!

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