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Spam, Spam, Eggs and Spam

It's a sad fact that blogs attract spam comments, and that bloggers spend time deleting them and/or banning spammers.  Some people choose comment moderation to prevent spam appearing, but that doesn't stop it arriving.  Some people choose not to allow comments at all, which loses the fun of interaction.  Of course, the spammers are clever - you ban one IP address and they move to another, allowing them to pop up again.

So, anyone who spams on here will find their comment removed, and persistent spammers will be banned... that includes those who leave comments for the obvious purpuse of increasing traffic to their commerical website... if you want advertising, then pay for it!  By contrast, I sometimes post links to websites of individuals or organisations I happen across who deserve a free plug.

So, spammers beware, I will 'eggs'-ise your words from my blog and you will become an 'eggs'-commenter.

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