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Clouds of Witnesses

This afternoon I have to speak at the ladies' summer party.  At least I think that's what it is, and I hope that's what it is because my level of preparation is pitifully little.  This morning I thought I'd probably go with Hebrews 11 (and I still will pretty much) and its thread of faith.  Then I happened across Nick Lear's post for today, which reminded me of a newspaper cartoon that appeared at the time of the Apollo 13 difficulties (that's the real thing, not the film - I'm just old enough to remember it) that showed the 'ghosts' of past astronauts willing on the stricken craft to return safely to earth.  The idea of the cloud of witnesses urging on the folk on earth (or orbiting it) is a good one, and one I hope will connect with the ladies before they munch too many cakes and other sugary treats.

So, read Hebrews 11 and a bit of Hebrews 12, ask people who their heroes of faith are and imagine them as part of the great cloud doing the urging.  In the words of the meerkat, simples.

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