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Libraries and Things

So, a day trip to Manchester to see a supervisor and use the library... and to fill in the paperwork so that I can use the library at Glasgow University.  I am a tad miffed that no one told me a year ago that I could do this... it would have made life far easier and I might actually have done some more work if I only had to walk 10 mins to a lovely real life library with boks in it rather than search an online catalogue then price things on Amazon to decide whether to buy or wait til then next trip south.  Ah well, better late than never... just have to take the magic card and my Manchester Uni card to Glasgow Uni when I get home and hope it all works...  (In fact, if I'm so minded I can also do Stirling, UWS, Caledonian, Strathclyde and dozens of others....)

The library is strangely quiet with only post grads and staff in it, so maybe I'll get some work done before my 2 p.m. meeting (I've already read about half a dozen articles on the train journey and got a few more ideas for the bit I need to write, just how good is that!).

Hassle free trains (even if the reservation tickets bore no ressemblance to who had booked from where to where) and no rain in either great rain city (though some overnight in each), so on balance life is good.

Right a group of local school children have just arrived with a teacher trying to speak sotto voce.... to work methinks!


  • Catriona, just a question - how are you funding your doctorate? Have you found some helpful bodies?

  • The joys of SCONUL and ATLAS....
    My favourite place at Glasgow Uni is the top floor of the library, I used to forego the lift and bound up two at a time. One day soon I must do that again and take in that view.

  • Hello Both.

    Andy... for three years I got about 30% of my fees from BUGBs CME pot (contact Ian Millgate) and paid the rest myself. Now I pay 100% of fees, books, travel and accommodation. (Now and then ravens visit carrying cheques but basically it's my own money... )

    Ronnie... I was about to say I must be the last perosn to know abouit SCONUL except my MU supervisor appears not to. ATLAS? Is that like Athens (whiuch MU no longer use but have direct shibboleth to various online thingies). I will check out the top floor once I have my card...

  • Hi Catriona,
    I'm very surprised that a distance learner wasn't told about these things. SCONUL as you know gives access and some borrowing from libraries. ATLA and ATLAS are databases for religion articles. There should be a link for you to log in using whatever it is Manchester use instead of Athens from Blackboard or WebCT or whatever it's called. They are invaluable and important. As is JSTOR. Of course I'm assuming MU have access to these things, St Andrews and Edinburgh do.

  • JSTOR is one of my faves! Probably I ought to be aware of ATLAS - I suspect Northern have access to it now - but I don't think did in my day. Have just checked Manchester uni library website and, yes, ATLA/ATLAS is among the myriad databases that can be searched. I also like ZETOC which lets you set up alerts on loads of journals.

  • I visited Glasgow Uni library a couple of times to access resources for my undergraduate dissertation, and Manchester Uni library many times when doing my Masters. But my favourite library of all time is the Mitchell, original building, because of the fantastic architecture which gives it an incredible atmosphere that is almost church like. The decoration on the ceilings also gives you something interesting to look at while your mind digests something. I spent many a productive hour studying pharmacy while sitting in the philospohy & religion department!! Every time we drive through Glasgow now I look up at the building and think I must go back some day to see if it lives up to my rose-tinted memories! I'd highly recommend a visit.

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