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Swimming in God's love

At last night's Songs of Praise we sang a lovely Welsh (funeral) hymn.  Alas, the English translation didn't scan (I'd failed to check) so we ended up with a trio by our three Weslsh speakers.  And it was a delight to hear Welsh voices singing as only Welsh voices can.  Here's the final verse...

  O fryniau Caersalem ceir gweled       
  Holl daith yr anialwch i gyd,       
  Pryd hyn y daw troeon yr yrfa       
  Yn felys i lanw ein bryd;       
  Cawn edrych ar stormydd ac ofnau       
  Ac angau dychrynllyd a'r bedd,       
  A ninnau'n ddihangol o'u cyrraedd  

Yn nofio mewn cariad a hedd.

From the hills of Jerusalem can be seen
   The entire journey all through the desert,       
   This time come turns of the course       
   Sweetly to fill our mind;       
   We can look at the storms and fears       
   And horrendous death and the grave,       
   And we have escaped from their reach       
   Swimming in love and peace.       

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