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Wafers or Cupcakes: Your Choice

Evidently some bloke is coming to town today to hold an open air Mass in one of the parks.  As we understand it, he may be granted an audience with one of my peeps who is attending in an official, work-related capacity.

Others of us will be gathering in a warm room to share a Bible study on Esther and munch cupakes.  High Communion indeed.

I genuinely hope those who go to see the Pope are blessed by the event in Bellahouston Park; I know we will be blessed as we gather for study and prayer.

Oh, and while I'm at it, 10/10 to Revd Vincent Nichols for his warm and spirited defence of British diversity in the face of the gaffe by a vatican official whose name I can't be bothered to check.  I know many wonderful Catholics and enjoyed working with an RC priest in Salford whilst training and for them, I do hope the events of the next couple of days are a true delight.


  • No choice to be made - its has to be cupcakes every time! As you said - its what Jesus would have chosen I am sure

  • what about the jam doughnuts then Catriona??

  • Shhh, don't give all my secrets way just yet!

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