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Fairtrade Headscarves?

So, here's a challenge - find a fairtrade cotton headscarf that is at least 70cm by 70 cm (approx 27" square), the minimum size recommended for 'necessity wearers'.

You can get Fairtrade certified fashion bandannas/head scarves that are 50 cm square.

You can get larger ones that are not.

I have found one supplier, as it happens in Glasgow, who claims hers are but does not dispaly the logo, so are they really?

I could get a fairtrade cotton hijab....!

I have, based on advice received, somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks to resolve this challenge (by which time I will have been supplied with a wig and some head coverings courtesy of the NHS) but it seems a shame that I can't so readily source genuine fairtrade head scarves that are suitable.  Anyone any ideas?


  • The "Created" [formerly Tearcraft] catalogue has a lovely Moroccan tablecloth 150cm square. You could cut four from that! One in the wash, one for tomorrow, one to wear and one as a spare

  • Does it have to be cotton? I could send a couple of pashmina's I bought in Calcutta.

  • No, it doesn't have to be cotton (at least not if the ones available from specialist websites that aren't Fairtrade are to be trusted) but cotton is easy to wash and not too heavy on the old noddle.

    I just think someone is missing a trick making slightly larger Fairtrade banabads/headscarves. Afterall 'fashion wearers' might like the bigger ones too!

  • I expect you have looked at the Traidcraft catalogue, but if silk (handwashable) were an option (for high days and holidays!) they have two attractive looking scarves, one screen printed with a design that incorporates butterflies 89cm x 89cm and one a red and white batik 75cm x 75cm. Not sure of the comfort of silk over against cotton though.

  • Thanks Penny,I seem to have inadvertently recycled my paper version of the latest catalogue and the online images aren't great. I don't know about silk cf cotton either - I suspect some of it is about opacity too. Quite like the idea of flutterbies though - suitable for Sundays methinks, nice resurrection symbol.

  • in a similar vein to the tablecloth suggestion...


    you could make your own?

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