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For Such a Time as This?

Yesterday's Bible Study in Esther centred on the well-known and well-loved verse 'for such a time as this' and followed the idea of being a person in the right place at the right time, specifically to speak out for a persecuted (or oppressed or marginalised) group.  We had some interesting conversations.

But how about the right place for the right person?  Was it for such a time as this that God brought/led/called/sent me to Glasgow?  Not just for what I can do/be but for what I need?  To be a mere 10 minute walk from one of the most advanced cancer hospitals in Europe, to have in my congregation an internationally respected oncologist and at least two retired nurses with experience in caring for people with cancer... Like the Esther story it's not that this is the only way God could have managed this (Mordecai essentially said to Esther that if she don't act something else would come from heaven, i.e. God would find another way), nor is it that somehow God had it all pre-planned, just that somehow this is part of the rightness of fit for this person in this place at this time.  Not sure I quite have the right theological language or framework to work this out, but perhaps I'll stick with Mordecai's provisionality as recorded in scripture, that maybe it was for such a time as this...



  • "Maybe" is an important word. It allows us to be hopeful, to see the possibility that there are possibilities we don't yet see - if you know what I mean. Providence is one of the most philosophically complex doctrines, and yet one of the most practically comforting. That God is before us, around us, for us, in all the changes that uplift or befall us. So you're right - the theological language we have rarely works - like fitting a king sized duvet into a single size duvet cover, or even a pillow slip. I realise the analogy doesn't hold up under filosofically rigorous scrutiny.....:)

    More seriously, you are much in thought, prayer and 'bound by gold chains about the feet of God'.

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