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Purple Potatoes

Living in Scotland and just round the corner from a branch of Sainsbury's means I can sample the wonder of the Purple Majesty potatoes which have been in the news recently.

It was a weird moment when I bit into the first chunk - all my reflexes were anticipating the taste of beetroot because the shiny purple vegetable was shouting 'beetroot' to my memory.  And of course it tasted just the same as a Maris Piper or a Cara to my untrained palate.  But it was an odd moment, eyes, mouth and memory in tension!

They are great potatoes, once you've overcome the surprise of their purpleness, cook easily and taste good.  They are also allegedly higher in antioxidants so better for 'people like me' than ordinary white ones.

Of course the metaphors and parallels are easy to spot...  I think what struck me was that even though I knew this was a potato and I knew it would taste like a potato I could not shake the expectation that it would taste like a beetroot - it is one thing to be aware of and understand prejudice and presupposition, it is another to actively overcome it even when we really want to.

Not quite sure what comments a purple-mash topped cottage pie might generate, but it's interesting to imagine!  However the idea of Lancashire hotpot with red cabbage and purple potatoes is appealing...


  • Good to know your current dietary restrictions are not limited by colour choice! You can still have a rainbow on your plate
    Will be thinking of you esp tomorrow when I preach at Dibley's One World Wee/Churches Together Service!
    blessings x

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