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Colours of Day

A propos of nothing much at all.


peacock feathers.jpg

I love peacock colours - the vivid, almost electric hues, the blending of green, blue and purple in a way your teacher at primary school might have ciriticised.  I love the way nature defies our sensibilites mixing purple with red or orange in the sky, how pansies happily have yellow and purple or brown with blue.

This week the teal coloured curtains for my living room finally arrived - ordered with 5 day delivery they took over a month but never mind.  Now my window edges are softer and the nights more cosy as I shut out the darkness and rain.

And today I am wearing peacock colours just for the shear heck of it!  Green top, purple skirt, peacock pattern headscarf.  Oh yes, and green finger nails... :-)



  • Go for it!
    I'm reminded of the poem 'When I grow old, I shall wear purple'!

  • Peacock colours are just right in gloom and driech days!! Blessings on your colourfulness

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