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Advent 4.5

Yes, today we have our final Advent reflection, one which moves us ever closer to Christmas itself.  I have enjoyed this series, a little different from the usual with its emphasis on visual art, and today I have to raid the Sunday School cupboard and the Flower Lady's stash for props!  Don't tell anyone.

Then I have to tidy my office ready to vacate it for four months... that feels kind of weird.  But it is a mess and I don't want to come back to an Advent mess at Easter!  I think the inanimate objects are conspiring against me too - why does my colour laser need two new cartridges the last time it'll be used for a while (unless I take it home of course).  And will Lazarus, my computer that is at least eight years old, last out the day... so far so good but he's tired!

Bit of an odd day really - at one level absolutely normal for the time of year and at another not at all.  I guess that makes it a bit like the first Christmas then... most of the world getting on with its usual stuff and something occurring largely unnoticed that was different.  Not that my odd Advent is significant on a global scale, just it makes me think about the events of whenever it was a couple of thousand years back.

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