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Christmas Eve

One of my favourite parts of Christmas Eve is when the shops shut.  Dependent on where you live in the UK the time will differ.  I recall that when I was a child it was usually about 4:30p.m.  As an adult it has been as late 10 p.m. especially if you live near a 'corner shop'.  But whatever time it is, for me the 'magic' starts when it is no longer possible to buy that last minute thing - be it cranberries (as per the rather cheesy song) or a gift for great uncle Wilf who arrived unexpectedly.  The tills stop beeping, the shutters come down and for just a day there is a 'general pause' (yes, I know a few shops open but go with me!) if you don't have it now, you'll have to do without... for me that breings a sense of relief!

As darkness falls, just for a moment things are still, no commerce, no bustle, just a sense of anticipation...

Perhaps we really are on the verge of something special...

May it be so.

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