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DLA Reform Public Consultation

I have, rather belatedly, become aware of the review of the current Disability Living Allowance.  That review and reform may be necessary I wouldn't dispute, but now that I am technically disabled (cancer is a disability in UK benefits parlance) I can see that there are many for whom this could be disastrous.  Certainly my living costs have risen during the last few months as I've had to buy specialist products, so for those who are forced to give up work, who are on low incomes, or who live nowhere near the hospitals where they are treated something like DLA can be highly significant, not least as it isn't means-tested.  I read somewhere that the direct cost to the average patient undergoing cancer treatment is around £2k (and I suspect I've already spent around £200) ... not everyone has that to spare.

Anyway, I am sure we all know either someone who has DLA or who is disabled and not entitled to it, so if you want to make your voice heard then check here to read what the government is saying and how to let them know your view.

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