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Jeff Gosden RIP

Today's Baptist Times carries the announcement of the death of a minister who died too young, too soon.  I'm not sure how old Jeff was, but I reckon about my own age.

I met Jeff when we both served on the committee of the Baptist Ministers' Fellowship (BMF), I as area rep for EMBA and he as sector rep for Chaplains.  There was some common ground in that we both trained at Northern (he best part of a decade ahead of me) and that he was chaplain at Northampton General Hospital; at some point he had visited my Mum when she was in hopsital and I am grateful for that, as was she.  More recently Jeff moved to the south coast to take up a chaplaincy role in Taunton.

I knew Jeff had been diagnosed with cancer a couple of years back but had understood all to be going well.

Jeff brought to BMF committee meetings lightness and wisdom, humour and spirituality, important insights from the 'sectors' and a genuine interest in our own pastoral ministries.  He will be missed.

Go in peace, good and faithful servant.


  • I was Senior Student when Jeff arrived at Northern. He had previously been in business (insurance, I think) and had bought one of the first, biggreybricklike mobile phones which he carried around with him.
    I never saw anyone call him on it.
    Clearly, this was a technological innovation which was doomed never to take off!
    A sad loss.

  • I met Jeff first when he attended my home church in Cardiff in the early 1980's. He was amusing and he and I exchanged Fawlty Toweers quotes. He was in insurance then and he came on a double date with my then girlfriend and now wife. Jeff was usher at my wedding and had amused us a few months earlier at our engagement when he sent us a card that announced:

    "Engaged with HM Coroner"

    It was a card he had made out of one I used to use when parking when I was a funeral director. He was a quiet, shy sort and frequently in the background of the practical jookes I played on my father at the time.

    When Jeff's father was inducted into a church in Cardiff, I hijacked the service sheets and printed 100 with my father's photograph on.....most amusing.

    Rest In Peace Jeff - you made me laugh many times and I fondly remember all the Fawlty Towers we watched together.

  • Thanks both Tims, it's good to discover a little more about Jeff... I can imagine him with the brick phone and saw glimpses of his humour at BMF. I just hope he knew he touched our lives for the good.

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