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FEC-T and Me (One Woman's Experience of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy)

At various times I've said I'd write more about the mechanics of Mt Chemo and never quite got around to it.  Over the last week I've had a go at writing somthing - which turned out to be rather long.  It echoes a lot of official advice but there is a bit of 'how it was for me.'  Whether its of of any use I have no idea, but it's here as a PDF file anyway.

After a bit about me, the key themes are...

  • finding appropriate support - accompaniment, accountability and boundaries
  • life style and side effects - diet, hair, skin, etc.: 'rules' and personal experiences of side effects
  • administration of the drugs
  • week 3 treats and other extras/options

It isn't definitive but it as an account by one woman who had what can be termed a 'good experience' of chemotherapy.  A lot of the stuff online understandably reflects bad experiences as people seek reassurance that they are not alone in what happens.  Sometimes, though, it's nice to be reassured that it isn't always awful.


* One thing I forgot to include was that I began with a plan for six cycles of FEC with the option of a switch to T after three cycles.  Although my FEC response was bang on text book my consultants agreed a switch to T would be good rather than wish, retrospectively they'd done so.  Right at the start I was told that around 80% of people have this switch - it seems it is pretty much 'normal' with neoadjuvant chemo to have FEC-T rather than six FEC.  FEC*6 or FEC*3 T*3 - either is a good regime so trust your oncologist.  Maybe one day the knowledge gained will be useful in shaping adjuvant chemo regimes too.

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