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How to slow down a computer

... or, running Norton live update on normal broadband.

I have a lovely new computer that boots up promptly and is raring to go once all the software is finally updated.  The fly in the ointment is Norton which is preloaded with definitions almost nine months out of date.  The problem with this is that when it tries to live update it has (so far) always timed out and failed.  At the time of typing this, it has got further than on any previouis attempt, so I cautiously hopeful it just might get there.

I know there are other virus software packages out there, even free ones, even ones that are not annoying, but this is what I have, so what I have to get to work sooner or later.

At home I have very fast broadband, which makes my normal broadband at church seem slow especially when it is clogged up by Norton's antics.  Ah well, it will help me learn patience.


  • Hmm norton strikes me as a classic example of how to kill off a perfectly good product. Fifteen years ago, I would not have dreamed of setting up a computer without the full Norton suite. But they kept adding bits to it which I didn't want - and there were just to many reports of Disk Doctor trashing entire hard drives. When Mac OSX was released, it took Symantec several years to get an even halfway reliable product - and in the meantime the competition had grown. I haven't touched a Symantec product for years now, and everyone who has it seems to say the same sort of things as you.

  • We have Norton at work - it does seem to take up a lot of the computer's resources as it works away in the background and quite honestly it can make a computer run very slowly. At home I use AVG Free version which is one of the best anti-virus programs according to the PC magazines. You can download the basic free version (just Google for it) or you can pay for and download a more comprehensive version. They say the free version should only be used by private individuals and not companies or organisations. Not sure how they view churches.

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