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Keyword Searches

What brings people to visit this blog, apart from those who are loyal enough to visit regularly or who have the RSS feed set up?  The statistical information this blog platform provides includes some based on keyword searches, and it is interesting and entertaining to see what brings people here.  It varies from month to month, and is often topped by people searching on my name, but common threads seem to be...

  • words of hymns
  • resources for difficult funerals (babies or those with no mourners)
  • Baptist stuff
  • seasonal liturgy/hymns/prayers
  • cancer/chemotherapy

I get a few for Fairtrade - even for 'fairtrade croissants' on one occasion - which are clearly down to my title more than my content

Some keywords searches are just weird and mean nothing to me, whilst others are very specific - a line from a hymn, a particular chemotherapy regime, etc.  What I don't know, of course, is if the visitors ever find what they are looking for.  With hymn words probably, with liturgical stuff possibly, but beyond that... I hope whatever they are seeking people find their visit to this bit of blogland mainly positive.

Whatever brought you here today, a bookmark, an RSS feed, a keyword search, a link from elsewhere, I hope you have a good day and, if you are searching for something specific, that you find or found what you were seeking.


  • I just drop in each day to see how things are in the Frozen North. And when I need a break from lesson or sermon prep [next up - Dibley on 10th!]
    Hope the Son is shining on you this morning
    blessings xx

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