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The Greatest Thing Since 7th July 1928

Sliced Bread.JPGIt must be correct, it was on the 'this day in history' slot on Radio 2's Chris Evans Show today... on this day in 1928 sliced bread was sold for the first time.

Which makes me wonder, if this was such a paradigmic moment in human history as the saying suggests:

  • What was the greatest thing before sliced bread?
  • What might be the 'greatest thing' since sliced bread that ultimately usurps its status?

Cue minister-like moment... the Bible tells us that love is the greatetst thing, not mushy, slushy white-sliced bread kind of love, but gritty, determined, whole-grain slightly skew-whiffy 'doorsteps' kind of love.

Of course for a lot of people today is one more reminder of humanity's potential for inhumanity, and the ache of lost love, broken dreams and shattered visions.  Where are the crumbs of hope for them and others like them?

Let us continue to learn to love, in all its complexity and challenges, becuase that must be the greatest thing, before and since, sliced bread.


  • your are right love was before sliced bread,so we should continue to love n matter what!!

  • i agree love is the greatest of them all!!!

  • The greatest thing before sliced bread? The bread knife.....

  • touche!

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