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"...a gentle but persistent nagger..."

So I was once described by one of my research supervisers (who endeavoured to escape by taking a job in Australia!).  Well, yes, maybe I am, or can be anyway.  I certainly have just been, having been told quite clearly I would have a follow-up hospital appointment six weeks after nuking ended and nothing transpired.  After seven weeks I phoned and left a message.  After eight weeks I did the same again, only to be told that it would quite common for six weeks to mean 8-12 and sometimes as much as four months.  But today I was given an appointment for next week... which will be nine weeks, so midway through the extended window, or 50% longer than 'advertised'.

Two thoughts...

1) If I hadn't nagged, how long might I have had to wait?

2) There seems to be a bit of a parallel with a parable about a widow and a judge.  See, there's a Biblical mandate for gentle, persistent nagging!

To be fair, in the early, urgent days appointments were quickly arranged, but if people allow their non-urgent stuff to stack up eventually the whole thing will become unmaneagble.


  • I can't believe I ever said anything of the sort...or if I did I meant it as a compliment...or something.

  • "if I did I meant it as a compliment..."

    As, indeed, it was taken

    Failing that, as an 'or something' ;-)

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