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Why did my electricity supplier need to change my perfectly functional, small, discreet meter for one that is larger and decidely clunky looking?  Why has the legal colour for 240V cables changed since my flat was built (roughly a decade ago) so that he also had to replace the perfectly functional grey shrouded cable with brown and blue, each of which is also labelled just in case you don't know brown is live and blue is neutral (or maybe in case you're colour blind).  And why does he leave me with said cables to dispose of when I already went to the recycling centre this morning and don't want to go again for ages?  And why do utility companies need you to dedicate a whole 6 hour period for them to turn up when the supermarkets can do it to within 60 minutes?  These are my questions for today - along with 'why am I spending my day off on chores'?!  At least the meter man came early enough that I can get out for part of the day.

PS I realise this has the feel of 'sweating small stuff' which isn't my intent - I just happen to be a bit bewildered by the need to fix things that aren't broken and wondering if this is, in part, why fuel bills keep rising...  That's it, splurged and gone... on to the next thing! ;-)

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