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One New Thing

This is the opener for Sunday - what one new thing have you learned this week?

I am posting it because people may need time to think about their answer, may even deduce they have not learned anything new this week, but in truth everyone will have encountered something 'new' this week... a new new skill, a new insight, a new piece of information, a new place to go, a new person they have met, something they saw or heard for the first time.

Here are a few of mine...

A documentary gave me new insights into the medical care of Australian aboriginal people in the 21st century.

A chance conversation in a cafe informed me that it may snow in Glasgow this weekend!!!

I learned how to create a calendar using Word

I found a new blog to visit

I found the missing 'something' for my sermon whilst chatting to someone over coffee

I discovered an alternative reading of Haggai 1 (see above post)


So, over to you, readers and Gatherers, one new thing you have learned (in a broad sense) this week.

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