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Rev T Kerr Spiers

A few days ago I wrote of the privilege of sitting at the bedside of someone nearing the end of life - that someone was Kerr Spiers, a much loved and respected Baptist minister who had served in Scotland and Canada in a variety of ministries before retiring back to the Gathering Place, where he is one of my predecessors.

By the time I knew Kerr, his health was already starting to decline, but his keen mind and ready humour shone brightly, and he was a great encourager in the early days of my ministry in Scotland.  Kerr trained at Rawdon - one of the fore-runners of Northern, where I trained - and we did periodically recall names of mutual acquaintnaces 'south of the border'.

One of the most moving services I have conducted since I arrived here was the blessing of Kerr's youngest grandson, a little over a year ago.  The memory of a happy family gathering, of hope and expectation remain precious.

Kerr suffered a major stroke on Maundy Thursday of this year, and has been in hospital since then.  Despite the limitations of his battered body, his mind was as keen as ever, and it was always a privilege to visit him.  Today, peacefully and with his family nearby, Kerr slipped through the door from here to eternity, to the fulfilment of the promises that had sustained him through a long and active life.  His death leaves an enormous gap, and he will missed enormously, but there is also a sense of release as he is freed from suffering.  Thoughts and prayers are with B, E&D+4, G&A+2.

Rest in Peace Kerr.

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