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Being Boring

bc ribbon.jpgSorry, this is a boring post - a bit kind of niche or hobby horse or soap-boxy or some-such.

Today is Macmillan Cancer Care coffee morning day.  The one day a year when people are invited to hold special fund-raisers for this important charity.  Tomorrow is the start of breast cancer awareness month and I have decided, for one month only, to change my blog colour scheme to pink in order to mark this.  I'm not a pink kind of a girl, I don't do "pink and fluffy" but there feels something right about turning this blog pink for four weeks just to act as an awareness kind of a thing.... just why would Catriona turn her blog pink... whether it works is another matter, but tyg, it will 'cost' me to see my blog turn pink and that's part of the point really.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with a group of women from the Glasgow area who I 'met' online through the bcc forum for lunch.  It will good to put faces and voices to avatars and posts.  It will be good to laugh and share stories and 'be boring' if we so wish/need without having to think about the impact our boringness has on others.

So, on the eve of bc awareness month, my perennial boring reminder.... check yourself, take the screening, report anything odd, if you're young and worried then SHOUT very loudly.  90% of problems turn out to be benign but if you are in the 10% take the treatment and choose life, whatever that looks like, however long ot short it may be.

Soap box away for now!

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